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CBT Course

Compulsory basic training (CBT) is a course you usually have to take before you ride a moped or motorcycle on the road.

Maximum 2 students on each course.

Course cost £175

Fee includes: Bike hire, fuel and insurance

Locations available: Princes Risborough (HP27)    or   Quainton (HP22)

We currently offer CBT training for age 16 on our 50cc automatic scooter or age 17+ on our 125cc geared motorcycle.

You must be able to ride a push bike before booking a CBT course with us. This will ensure you have the balance to learn on a motorcycle.

After you’ve completed a CBT, what you can ride will depend on your age.

Age 16:

  • 50cc moped/scooter

  • Geared or automatic

  • Restricted to 28mph

  • No pillion/passengers

  • Must display L plates at front and rear

Age 17+

  • Up to a 125cc motorcycle/scooter

  • Geared or automatic

  • Maximum power output of 15bhp

  • No pillion/passengers

  • Must display L plates at front and rear

For both age groups you are not permitted to use motorways.

For a CBT to be achieved you must successfully demonstrate your ability to understand and put into practice each of the elements listed below.

Each element will be included in the training day, and each element must be successfully achieved before moving to the next one.

Element A: Introduction
Element B: Practical on-site training
Element C: Practical on-site riding
Element D: Practical on-road training
Element E: Practical on-road riding

What you need to bring with you, to your CBT training:

  • UK Driving Licence (can be a provisional)

  • Driving licence check code

  • Motorcycle Helmet

  • Motorcycle Jacket

  • Jeans 

  • Motorcycle boots, or other sturdy boots that come up past the ankle. 

  • Motorcycle gloves

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