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Full Licence Course
Maximum 2 students on each course.

This course will help you gain your A1, A2 or full A licence.

For A1 licence, a 125cc motorcycle will be used, and you will be restricted to this after completion of your DVSA tests

For A2 & full A licence, a Direct Access (DAS) course will be completed on a 650cc motorcycle

Course costs:

3-day, already hold a CBT, experienced rider - £625

4-day, already hold a CBT, beginner or nervous rider - £775

4-day, novice or confident rider - £800 including a CBT

5-day, beginner or nervous rider - £950 including a CBT

Fee includes: Bike hire, fuel, insurance & DVSA test fees.


Age requirements for each licence category

  • A1 - can be taken from the age of 17

  • A2 - can be taken between the age of 19 - 24

  • A - can be taken from the age of 24, or you can upgrade after 2 full years of holding an A2 licence

Motorcycle entitlement gained

  • A1 - can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle/scooter without L plates, and with a pillion.

  • A2 - can ride a motorcycle/scooter restricted to a maximum of 47.5bhp, and with a pillion.

  • A - can ride any motorcycle of your choice.

During your full licence training course, you will be taught how to ride a motorcycle in all aspects of riding, both on the road and off-road (slow manoeuvres).

These are some examples of the exercises you will be taught:

  • Emergency Stop

  • Figure 8 & slalom

  • Avoidance/swerve

  • U-turn

There are two DVSA tests that must be completed in order to gain your A1, A2, or full A licence. These must be taken at a DVSA test centre

These tests are the same across all 3 categories, and only the bike used will differ.

Mod 1 - Off-road test - normally takes around 20 minutes

Mod 2 - On-road test - normally takes around 40 minutes

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