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DVSA Motorcycle Tests - What to Expect.

If you are looking at gaining your A1, A2 or full A licence you must successfully pass two DVSA tests. They must be taken at a DVSA test centre with a DVSA examiner.

You are only able to take these tests once you have passed the Motorcycle Theory.

Motorcycles are not provided by the DVSA for tests so you must take your own, or use a motorcycle training school bike.

If you choose to test on your own motorcycle, you must ensure you hold the correct licence and insurance to get the bike to the test centre. The alternative is to get a friend or family member who holds the correct licence and insurance to ride the bike. The final option would be to get the bike trailered to the test centre.

The DVSA examiner will ask to see your MOT certificate, will validate your tax and insurance is in date, and that your bike is in a road worthy condition before they agree the test goes ahead.

The DVSA has a list of motorcycles that can be used for each test category. Please click here to see the list.

What documentation you must bring with you to test:

  • Driving licence (must be valid)

  • CBT certificate

  • Motorcycle Theory pass certificate

If you do not bring the above documentation to your DVSA test, your test may not go ahead.

Mod 1 test

This is the first of two tests you must complete to achieve your licence (A1, A2 & A).

This test is conducted in an off-road motorcycle manoeuvring area and usually takes around 20 minutes.

The test includes the following manoeuvres:

  • wheeling the motorcycle and using the stand

  • riding a slalom & figure 8

  • a slow ride

  • a u-turn

  • cornering & controlled stop

  • cornering & and emergency stop

  • cornering & hazard avoidance (swerve)

For the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises you must have achieved a minimum speed of 31mph.

You will be told by the DVSA examiner if you have passed the Mod 1 at the end of the test.

You will pass the Mod 1 if you make no serious or dangerous faults, or no more than 5 riding faults (minors).

You will be given a Mod 1 pass certificate and this must be presented at your Mod 2, along with the other documents listed above.

If you are unsuccessful and fail you must book another Mod 1 test. You must wait 3 full working days before you can take another Mod 1 test.

This may also mean your Mod 2 test will need to be rescheduled, as you must have successfully passed your Mod 1 before you can attempt your Mod 2.

Whiteline Motorcycles always schedules your Mod 2 test at least a week behind your Mod 1. This ensures that no course fee is lost should you require another Mod 1.

The DVSA cancellation is 3 full working days.

Mod 2 test

This is the last test required in order to gain your licence (A1, A2, A).

This test starts from a DVSA test centre and usually takes 40 minutes.

The test includes the following areas:

  • Eyesight check

  • 'show me, tell me' motorcycle safety questions

  • road riding

  • independent riding

For the eyesight check you will have to read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters. If you fail this, you will not be able to progress with your Mod 2 test, and will be notified of the fail.

For the 'show me, tell me' questions you will be asked 2 motorcycle safety questions. These questions test that you know how to carry out basic safety checks.

For both the road riding and independent riding you will have a radio installed that will allow you to hear the DVSA examiners instructions. The examiner will also follow you on a motorcycle.

The road riding element consists of you riding in various road and traffic conditions, but not on motorways. You will be asked by the DVSA examiner to carry out:

  • normal stops

  • an angle start (pulling out from behind a parked car)

  • a hill start (where possible)

The independent riding element lasts for 10 minutes. This is designed to assess your ability to ride safely while making your own decisions.

The DVSA examiner will provide you with directions, and you will need to read the appropriate road signs and interpret. You will not fail the test if you go off route, but you must do so safely.

You will be informed at the end of the test by the DVSA examiner if you have been successful and passed. You will also be given a pass certificate and you can start riding without L plates straight away. You do not need to wait until your full licence has arrived.

If you are unsuccessful and fail you must book another Mod 2 test. You must wait 10 full working days before you can take another Mod 2 test.

Whiteline Motorcycles only trains in small numbers, and can get you in swiftly for a retest if needed.

For full details about the DVSA motorcycle tests you can visit the DVSA website

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