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Official DVSA Guide to Riding - Essential Skills Book (RRP £14.99)

Official DVSA Guide to Riding - Essential Skills Book (RRP £14.99)


Whether you're a learner, an experienced motorcyclist or an instructor, this book will help you to develop safe riding skills for life.


Full of tips on the skills you need to show, this essential publication now includes information on attitude and behaviour, as well as important riding concepts such as limit points and counter-steering.


Five reasons to buy it:

  • For your riding life - packed with loads of useful advice to help you stay safe on the roads; ideal for refreshing your knowledge before and after your test
  • Riding techniques - learn more about key skills such as cornering, bend assessment and defensive riding
  • Riding in all conditions - including avoiding and dealing with congestion and riding in poor weather
  • Extra information - includes sections on routes to licence, vehicle maintenance and ecosafe riding
  • For learners - a source of questions and a nswers for the motorcycle theory test: study this guide for complete test preparation
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