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Motorcycle Riding Safety Equipment: Helmets

A bike helmet is the most important bit of safety kit a rider has – it’s also the only one which needs to be worn by law.


All helmets sold in the UK must comply with at least 1 of these:

  • UNECE Regulation 22.05 or 22.06 (newly launched)

  • any standard accepted by a member of the European Economic Area which offers a level of safety and protection equivalent to BS 6658:1985 and carry a mark equivalent to the BSI Kitemark

You must wear glasses or contact lenses when you ride if you need them to read a number plate at the prescribed distance.

Which helmet?

There are a large number of helmet manufacturers internationally that meet the requirements to supply and sell helmets in the UK.

Now, how you choose which helmet is for you will depend on your preferences. There are many variables on motorcycle helmets and you need to choose which are important to you and your needs.


The variables listed below are not an exhaustive list, but some examples of what you may want to look at:

  • Safety/Impact rating - how did the helmet you are looking at score on the SHARP, safety helmet assessment. SHARP provides advice on how to select a helmet that fits correctly and is comfortable, and information about the relative safety of helmets to help motorcyclists to make an informed choice.

  • Fitment - does it fit comfortably. Having tried various manufacturers over the years, they definitely make them all a slightly different shape. So they don't all fit the same shape and size head. This is frustrating, as even the same manufacturer, but different model can be different!

  • Size of vision - can you see adequately through the visor, and have enough vision to make you comfortable whilst riding. Different types and builds of helmets will offer different size of visor and vision space. Personally I prefer the larger visors, found on many race style helmets. Being able to see around me more, benefits my riding.

  • Style of helmet - there are various styles such as full face, open face and flip front. Which you choose will depend on your choice for style against protection. Each one of these will have different attributes in relation to: weight, wind-noise, vision and safety fastenings.

Where to buy from

There are lots of online stores, but I would recommend before buying a helmet you try on in person, to ensure the fit is correct to you.

It is always good to shop around, but ensure that any helmet you purchase meets the UK safety requirements.

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